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We are responding to the world when we see a need. We have the solution for the worlds problems and are beginning to implement it. Answers the question. What is the church doing about this situation? We are responding to what the Spirit has already done in our hearts. We respond to the love that the Lord has shown us. We are responding to what Christ has done for us at the cross. RESPONSE doesn’t want to react to situations but come up with the right input after careful research and prayer. God knows everything including the future so let us wait on him and respond with his heart. I hope you can embrace this new way of relating and bringing about Gods purposes. We draw the line and work until his house is built along that line. When an individual feels there needs to be a Christian response on an issue. They pray, connect and resonate with others on the issue.They plan, act and work to make an impact on the issue building for God, not stopping until it is finished.


RESPONSE is coordinated by Paul Smith & friends creating a safe place where people find opportunities to pray, connect and impact their local communities and beyond. Christian Response gives the church the opportunity to shine for him and bring glory to him by encouraging people to Pray, Connect and Impact the world. By posting your testimony, life goals, gifting's online people can see who you are. They can pray with you, connect with you and work with you to bring about God's purposes.


To get the church to show the world how attractive God is. He has already shown them through his creation now let them see him through his church. Strategy: To get people praying to get things sorted with their God. To get people Spiritually connected to make them fruitful in his church. To release them to show the world his glory. At any time a believer should be able to engage in corporate prayer, connect with other believers and impact the world.


Eyes on the Lord and not the program, organization or an individual. Keep pushing until there is a critical mass (a measure of action) of prayer, connection and projects to get the job done within a reasonable time frame.


Although you are still within a local church structure there are always opportunities to pray, connect or impact together with other believers. This is more like Christ who wouldn’t be set in a one church mindset. He would visit and minister in all the churches.


People are at all different places in their Spiritual journey and need a different emphasis at different times. At times they are more focused on prayer and their relationship with the Lord. At other times they need to be more connected to the body and at other times they want to outreach and make a difference. RESPONSE meets you where you are at and helps you build from there.


Christians move churches and go on holidays. Christian Response aims to allow you to maintain contact with the church wherever you are in the world. As you move to a new location people will know you and what you have been doing for the Lord by your profile as you seek to enter their fellowship. You don’t need to go through months of testing before you are accepted. Your testimony, mission and gifting is clearly available online for them to see before you arrive.


Christian Response calls on all intercessors and prophets to join in each local area and host a joint prayer meeting. At this meeting people will be challenged to pray and fast to bring about his purposes in their region. The people appoint a local officer who births RESPONSE in your region. Map your region and see when and where all the prayer meetings are. We hope to see that there is always a prayer meeting you can attend where you are accepted and fruitful. We hope to see where there are connect meetings always happening where you can use your gifts and fellowship with others. What opportunities are there for you to use your gifts in the community and beyond today and into the future? What does the church need to respond to in your area?


All believers have gifts. Do people need your gift in other denominations? Are you willing to serve the whole body of Christ with your gift. Christian Response hopes to work with the churches and be accepted by the churches. Christian Response works with the churches to bring about a glorious triumph for Christ in your local area and beyond. RESPONSE wont try to compete with churches but support and promote them.


All people are encouraged to pray and fast to bring about Gods purposes in their local region. In your region churches are encouraged to join together for prayer to proclaim Gods purposes in their region and beyond. Morning, afternoon and night there will be opportunities in your region for corporate prayer. People are encouraged to pray and have prayer partners who pray for each other every day.


Christians that connect with other Christians form a Spiritual bond that will never be broken as God will protect it. All Christians have gifts and spiritually connect with each other by sharing and using their gifts. Christian Response offers opportunities to connect where people meet to share their Spiritual gifts.


Christ also requires that we impact our world which happens naturally when we are in prayer and well connected. Christian Response would hope to offer you opportunities for you to impact your local community and beyond. Response offers you the tools and teaching to start a project and bring about Gods purposes. I hope you can register with us and say a bit about yourself. Also study the free online courses. Pray and work with us bring about Gods purposes in your region.


There is no cost for users to access the site or for facilitators to host a project. Facilitators pledge their service and declare what they believe God wants them to do by hosting a project on the site which lets people know about it and gives them the opportunity to work on the project.There is no expectation that people support the site or projects financially. If facilitators choose to accept financial support from users through the site then they can use a STRIPE account for this purpose. All financial transactions are carried out by STRIPE. RESPONSE (Not for Profit) would expect that limited funds are spent on admin, promotion and oversight and would aim for over 85+% of funds going directly to facilitators for the implementation of their projects.


There are a number of projects which we hope are embraced by the churches in a region. We would hope that each area would have a prayer house or a number of meeting which compliment each other so that people have the opportunity to pray corporately morning, afternoon and night. At each of these meetings people would be given the opportunity to use their gifts. People need also to be given the opportunity to serve their community whenever they are available. We would ask that churches contribute to regional reports and attend regional events as a show of unity.


Our goal is that people are regularly online adding to the site. Chatting about projects. Working on their profile. Learning about different regions. Doing an online course. Working out what function to attend in their local region. Praying or attending local functions. Getting a project proposal together or helping someone else do it. The revival has started. Gods house is our first priority. Pray ---> Connect ----> Impact


Christian Response Incorporated is a Not for Profit organization registered officially in NSW Australia. RESPONSE seeks to team with other already existing organizations to have a shared oversight and responsibility for projects and functions.


Whatever is distracting you from making Gods house your main fascination and focus needs to be put in its place. Gods creation inspires us and his church should too. I hope RESPONSE can help you find your gift and confidently make it available to others for their blessing and to bring glory to him.