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Prayer & Fasting Covenant

Prayer Project (Kingdom Extension)

- Posted at March 06, 2016 04:19 AM
- Location: Tulip Street, Springfield, NSW 2250, Australia

WHAT IS A PRAYER & FASTING COVENANT? You (individually or as a group) agree before God to pray and fast until Gods spirit moves powerfully and continually in your world/church/region leading to : ....people being given a clear gospel presentation...... the church taking its rightful place in society....... the church doing things that people find attractive, interesting, exciting and worthy of praise...... individuals and corporations being active in meeting societal needs......waves of prayer, evangelism and service.....people being comfortable with themselves.... people learning skills, having adventures, serving others.....people getting saved.....the truth being proclaimed in all forums...... all gifts and ministries operating powerfully.... churches being united, revived and growing. Note: The exact covenant or agreement you make with God may be different to the general outline here. It is private and confidential between you and God. Link: www.christianresponse.org.au/covenant.php


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Join a network of Christian workers from all over the world who are working together with people from all denominations led by the Lords Spirit to build his church for his glory.


Please make contact via live chat link on the homepage or by email for further orientation.

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